Otara Market GP Limited

T:(09)2740830 M:021 2740830 E: o.f.c@xtra.co.nz ; www.otarafleamarket.co.nz


Operating hours: 6am – 12pm on Saturday
Extended hours: two Saturdays before and after Christmas Day we are open from 6am – 1pm

Location: Behind the Otara Town Centre in the carpark on Watford and Newbury Streets.

Cost of a casual stall (incl. GST):


1.GENERAL – Clothing, Arts & Culture, toys, shoes, drinks, confectionary, music, plants, etc$45.00 per site
2.Fruit & Vegetables$63.00 per site
3.Food$63.00 per site
4.Used clothing & bric a brac$22.00 per site


What is the size of a stall?

  • One car park site is 2.5m x 6m

Do you provide gazebos?

  • No – Should you bring a gazebo please ensure it will fit within 2.5m x 6m car park site

Do you provide tables?

  • No

What time must I be there for a stall?

  • No booking necessary
  • Come and see us between 6 – 7am and our Supervisor will find you a site for the day

When do I pay?

  • Payment due Saturday morning

What am I not allowed to sell?

  • Food products expired by its use by date
  • Canned or bottled food/drinks without labels
  • Firearms, weapons e.g. knives, swords, etc
  • Illegal copyright music CDs and DVDs
  • Sale of counterfeit products
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking paraphernalia

What licences do I need to sell food?

As of 1st March 2016 the Food Act 2014 will come into effect which requires all food businesses to register a Food Control Plan and will receive a Food Safety Grade.

  • Contact Auckland Council on (09)301 0101 or visit their website aucklandcouncil.govt.nz for further information

How do I apply for a food stall?

  • You can ring, text message or email our office for an application form
  • You must have a Auckland Council Food Safety Grade Certificate


Thank you for your enquiry

Helen Wiremu